About OECD Toastmasters

Skills are the new global currency of the 21st century”

If you don’t invest in developing new skills, you won’t be keeping up with the times.

​Toastmasters can help us all move forward in our professional lives, particularly at the OECD. 

Three reasons for OECD staff to join OECD Toastmasters:

1. You will meet new people!

With Toastmasters, you get to know your colleagues differently.

2. We share personal experiences and have fun

Our meetings are events full of energy, where you hear amazing stories, about every thinkable topic. Toastmasters is a safe environment where people can experiment and tell personal stories.

3. You will learn new skills and two skills in particular:

Public speaking. Most of us are a bit nervous – if not very nervous – to speak in front of an audience. After participating in a few meetings, you will already see improvement through practice and the feedback you receive from fellow Toastmasters. 

Leadership. Once you have attended several meetings and have delivered a few speeches, you can assume the role of ‘Speech Evaluator’ to offer constructive comments, motivate and encourage a colleague to do better on their next speech. As ‘Toastmaster of the Evening’, you have the opportunity to organise and moderate an OECD meeting with 20-30 people! Once you have more experience, you can also partake in mentoring, such as training newcomers through motivation and knowledge sharing. Finally, you can also help run the Club by being a CLUB OFFICER.

More about the club

OECD Toastmasters, established in 2010, welcomes all OECD staff and strives to:

  • provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment;
  • help its members learn the arts of public speaking, listening and thinking, vital skills that promote self-development, foster self-confidence, and enhance leadership potential;
  • help its members to tell stories with structure and impact.

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.