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Next Toastmasters Meeting: The Power of Dreams

Last night you were hallucinating, delusional, disoriented. You also had amnesia, completely forgetting all of it.

Or in other words, you were dreaming.

Throughout history, dreams have held a place of significant importance in various cultures around the world. Ancient civilizations, such as those in Egypt and Greece, believed dreams were messages from the gods, providing guidance, warnings, and divine insights. In indigenous cultures, shamans interpreted dreams to heal and connect with the spiritual realm. Dreams have influenced literature, art, and philosophy.

Why do we dream? And what can we learn from dreams about ourselves? Night dreams can be a window to our subconscious, offering insights, inspiration, and sometimes just a bit of fun. They can be mysterious, whimsical, and occasionally nightmarish.
This coming 30th of May, join us for an evening dedicated to the world of dreams. Let’s share our most intriguing dreams, explore the science behind them, and celebrate the wonder of our nighttime journeys.

Sweet dreams await—what will you dream of next time?

Thursday May 30, 2024 6:30 PM CEST in BB2385

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Last meeting: equality on the books

Members and guests met at La Muette to talk about some of the barriers faced by female authors to publish books and be recognised in the world of literature. Mélanie, Candan and Michael gave prepared speeches, and Katarina, Alex and Florence provided them with feedback. Richard amused us with a joke and Victoria proposed the word “identity” for us to integrate in our speeches during the evening. Yves led the table topics session with questions related to women in different genres of literature and female characters. Andrew, Joana and Fabio provided additional feedback to improve everyone’s public speaking skills. The meeting allowed us to crowdsource ideas of books written by women from everyone in the room. Below is the list:

The Time in Between (El tiempo entre costuras) by Maria DuenasLove, AdventureVictoria
Fields of Blood: religion and the history of violence by Karen ArmstrongDeep, Enlightening  Richard
The Handmaid’s tale by Margaret AtwoodResistance + « Tout peuple qui s’endort en liberté se réveillera en servitude » (Alain)Mélanie
Dare to disappoint by Ozge SamanciCourage, Dreaming. Comic book, autobiography of a Turkish woman about the challenges of following her own way to live.Candan
Persepolis by Marjan SatrapiComic book from Iranian artist describing her life in Iran in the 1980s-90s following the Iranian revolution.Michael
Demon Days by Peach MomokoMarvel universe + folktales Japanese myths. Japanese comic book writer and drawer.Yves
The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievitchresilience and oblivionKatarina
All about love by Bell HooksPeace and clarityAlex
Dawn (if you like science fiction) or Kindred (if you don’t) by Octavia ButlerScience fiction that critiques power, especially from a race/gender lensFlorence
A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine HansberryHope, family, race, social, 1960sAndrew
Do it like a woman by Caroline Criado PerezTwo words: Eye-opening (the book) and kick-ass (the author)Joana
Eva Luna (Cuentos de Eva Luna) by Isabel AllendeMagical realismFabio
Manifeste des Rosies by Lou Chesné and Youlie YamamotoFrom the initiators of the militancy group “les Rosies” which uses music and dance to mobilise for their feminist messages.Morvarid
Hygiène de l’assassin by Amélie NothombIronic, punchyCibele

Join the core group 2024-2025!

Are you interested in strengthening more than your public speaking skills?What about taking up a club officer role in the next core group, for the year starting from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025.

The core group is a sub-group of members working together to ensure our club operates properly. The core group favours and promotes a fun and dynamic environment in our club.

There are many types of roles in the core group, where you can develop your leadership, communication, planning, drafting and other skills. You will grow and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

All roles are open to all members. We will have a free & open official election during one of our forthcoming Toastmasters meetings. Examples of roles: President, VP Education, VP Membership, Sergeant at Arms. We also have several deputy-roles.

If any role is of your interest, please reach out to us today! We are at your disposal if you have questions.

Romain, Morvardi and Katarina

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