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Next Toastmasters Meeting: JO: Should I stay or should I go?

By Alexandra Selee

Summer 2024 is finally here! With the excitement of the Olympics and Paralympics in the air, many of us are pondering the big question: Should I stay in Paris or get the heck out of here?

Whether you’re planning to hide out at your place, catch a few competitions, or seek a getaway, this meeting is for you! Join us for an engaging meeting where we will discuss:

  • Important news and information
  • Fun facts
  • Where to buy and/or resell tickets
  • The best escape destinations
  • And more!

The Meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 9 at 18:30 at the La Muette office in Room E. It will also be our first meeting with our 2024-2025 core team, including opening remarks from Katarina our President!

You are invited to a role now by signing up here or by writing to me.

I look forward to seeing everyone there and hearing your plans for the games!
To take up an active role in this meeting, feel free to email Alexandra, or sign up directly on easyspeak.

Not (yet) a member? We love guests! Register on the website.


Last meeting: Your Interest or Mine?

By Katarina Vujović

Morvarid hands over the Mathilde Pak Award to Fabio

Prioritise individual interests or lean towards collective ones? That was the theme of the last club meeting on June 27. This dilemma emerges from turbulent times reshaping the European political landscape.

Victoria infused a warm, summery spirit that uplifted the audience with the Word of the day: ‘summer’.

Three speakers delivered deeply personal speeches. Titouan left the audience pondering his calculations: he anticipates seeing his mother 88 more times. As the saying goes, time flies – especially in the company of loved ones. Norbert shared a tribute to his English teacher, who profoundly shaped him during his formative years. Reflecting on his own experiences, Michael reminded us of the power of networking, urging us not to fear stepping out of our well-established bubbles to forge new meaningful connections.

The variety of speeches showcased the talents that our Toastmasters club nurtures, continuously refining skills and inspiring the audience to contemplate new perspectives on life. Romain, with Morvarid’s assistance, joyfully honored ‘Fabulous Fabio’, rewarding him with the Mathilde Pak Award for his dedication to the club as President over the past year. Once again, dear Fabio, grazie mille per tutto!

This gathering exemplified the strength of community – where collective effort enhances the well-being of all. And now, dear Toastmasters and guests, let us embrace the upcoming season as I eagerly look forward to guiding you through a new journey filled with surprises and enrichment, to the benefit of everyone!

Parisian Toastmasters pioneers in latest edition of Toastmasters Magazine!

The latest edition of The Toastmaster is again filled with entertaining and fascinating articles. This time a special portret of Parisian love birds Odile and Alain Petillot, married for 60 years and active Toastmasters for more than 30 years!

Upcoming club meetings

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  • 25 July, Boulogne-Billancourt

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